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Bottled Water Coolers

Triple Springs Spring Water Company offers its customers the most complete line of coolers and dispensing units available on the market. These attractive units, suitable for home or business, are available for a reasonable monthly rental fee and will create a convenient refreshment center in your home, office or plant.

Unlike coolers available through general merchandisers, all of our coolers are commercial quality with considerably longer life spans than retail units. Should you require service or maintenance on your cooler, our staff can meet all of your needs or provide you with a replacement unit. Our coolers have contemporary styling, durable UV protected cabinetry and quality stainless steel water contact surfaces. 


Point-of-Use Coolers
Triple Springs Spring Water Company also carries a full line of point-of-use water coolers.  These sleek and simplistic coolers supply hot and cold filtered water directly from your domestic water source.  Each filter removes taste, odor and sediment while removing lead up to 98.9%. The micro-filtration drinking water system has a 1500 gallon capacity and hassle-free cartridge replacement.

Please feel free to contact a member of our sales staff toll free within Connecticut at 1.800.228.6799 (out-of-state please call 203-235-8374) with any inquiry you may have regarding our water coolers.

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