Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding our services and our naturally delicious spring water can be found below.  As always, for immediate assistance, please feel free to contact a member of our sales and service staff.
Water Delivery
Subject: Delivery Schedules
Question: Can deliveries be made even if no one is present to accept the water delivery?
Answer: Yes, Triple Springs will leave deliveries of any quantity for you at your home or office at a designated location in or around the building. Should you wish to have empty jugs picked up, please leave them at the designated location.
Water Delivery
Subject: Coolers
Question: Can you provide us with coolers for our bottled water?
Answer: Yes, Triple Springs carries a wide variety of coolers and water dispensing units that can be rented as part of your water delivery agreement. Contact a member of our sales staff for more information including availability.
Service Water
Subject: Refill Containers
Question: What types of containers can I use at your self-service station?
Answer: Fill your own bottles are just 25¢ per gallon. 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6 gallon containers as well as contractors’ coolers can be filled at our easy to use station.
Service Water
Subject: Hours of Operation
Question: When is Triple Springs’ self-service area open to the public?
Answer: Our self-service center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Well lit with ample parking and closed circuit video monitoring, it is safe to fill your water bottles yourself at any time--day or night.
Subject: Water’s Shelf Life
Question: How long can I store bottled water?
Answer: FDA has not established a shelf life for bottled water. IBWA advises consumers to store bottled water at room temperature (or cooler), out of direct sunlight and away from solvents and chemicals such as gasoline, paint thinners and dry cleaning chemicals. Bottled water can be used indefinitely if stored properly. (excerpted from the IBWA website)
Subject: Water Regulations
Question: Is bottled water regulated?
Answer: Most certainly. The bottled water industry is regulated on three levels: federal, state and, for members of IBWA, at the industry level. FDA regulations, coupled with state and industry standards, offer consumers assurance that the bottled water they purchase is stringently regulated and tested, and is of the highest quality. IBWA has been a long-standing proponent of sensible regulations for bottled water that help to further ensure safety and protect consumers. IBWA is active at all levels of local, state and federal government, assisting in the development of such regulations, where they help enhance public safety and product quality. (excerpted from the IBWA website)
Subject: Bottled vs. Tap Water
Question: How is bottled water different from tap water?
Answer: Bottled water is produced and distributed as a packaged food product and made specifically for drinking. As a packaged food product, bottled water must adhere to FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) required of all FDA-regulated food products as well as specific GMPs unique to bottled water production and packaging. GMPs require that each container of bottled water is produced in a sanitary environment and packaged in sanitary, safety sealed containers that are approved by FDA for food contact. (excerpted from the IBWA website)