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Our History
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A Proud Past

Since its founding in 1918, Triple Springs has grown to accommodate the ever changing needs of its customers.   When still a farm, Triple Springs delivered milk to customers on routes throughout central Connecticut.  The water source has remained free from impurities since 1918, making Triple Springs one of New England's oldest and best-tasting spring water suppliers.


The turn-of-the-century dairy farm that once sat on the grounds of Triple Springs is only a memory now, but the farm's three natural springs gave birth to the flourishing Triple Springs Spring Water Company.  Triples Springs has now grown to serve both corporate and residential customers in four states.  The success of Triple Springs lies not only in the quality of our water, but also from the loyalty of our customers, some of whom go back to our old milk route days.  By maintaining a strong family tradition for quality, honesty and service, we have developed a fully-automated, modern bottling facility with a reputation for service and pure spring water second to none.